Floor Planning

Floor PlanningA little floor planning goes a long way towards creating a worry-free move. Enjoy the relief of knowing ahead of time exactly where your furniture is going to be placed in your new home.

Using careful measuring, Lambert’s helps you determine what will fit and where. Remember that with a floor plan in hand, you can enjoy a move day with no surprises.

Floor Planning in Ten Easy Steps

  1. Tour new home and photograph.
  2. Obtain or draw to scale floor plan of new home.
  3. List items that are “must have’s” and “most loved”.
  4. Using planning tool explore various layout options.
  5. Evaluate for flow, safety and esthetics.
  6. Finalize plan.
  7. Draw up final copy of plan and list of items for moving.
  8. Tag all furniture and boxes per their destination. One colour per room.
  9. Enlarge plan for movers.
  10. Post each room’s floor plan so movers can quickly place furniture. Off the truck, movers already know where each item is going. That is money in your pocket.

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