MovingA good move for you is a good move for us.

The team at Lambert's Moving understands there is more to moving than showing up with a truck. We are dedicated to making sure you have a quality moving experience. Your calls are returned promptly. You don’t pay hidden costs. Experienced professionals arrive at your door ready to work hard for you.

We understand the challenges and the stress of moving for busy people and seniors. We help you keep your move on track by providing move planning and move management services. Our project managers organize and oversee your move so you can continue working while your move is underway. Arrive to your new home to find your boxes unpacked, your beds made, and your favorite book on the bedside table.

Whether you have a straight-forward move or a multi-day, full service downsize, you are in good hands with Lambert’s Moving.

The Six Steps for a Successful Move

  1. Call A Mover
    • As soon as you know your move date, call a reputable mover to discuss your move. Be prepared to answer a few questions including where you are moving from/to, the number of bedrooms you have, and if you have specialty items.
    • Provide your desired move date and alternate dates if possible.
    • Provide your contact information.
    • Book your free estimate.
  2. Get an Estimate
    • During the estimate you will provide a tour of your home and point out items that need dismantling or special handling.
    • Mention if you would like additional services such as packing/unpacking, junk removal, or help with sorting for downsizing.
    • Discuss a plan of action.
    • You will receive a detailed estimate.
  3. Booking Your Move
    • Month ends are the busiest time for movers. Book your move at least 6 weeks in advance.
    • To secure your move date and other services be prepared to provide a deposit.
    • You will receive a move confirmation.
  4. Plan your Move
    • Work out a move plan for your move. Write it down. Pay attention to detail.
    • If you need help with your move, hire a company that provides move management services.
  5. Packing
    • Collect or order packing supplies. Movers often sell packing supplies.
    • Pack carefully or hire professional packers.
  6. Moving
    • 1-2 days before your move your mover should check in with you for any last minute instructions and to confirm arrival time.
    • On move day the crew will arrive and project manager will introduce himself and the crew to you.
    • The project manager and crew will do a quick walk-through your home to review the contents and receive any last minute instructions from you.
    • You are asked to sign the invoice before your move starts to confirm you are the legal owner of the goods and effects, or the authorized agent thereof, and to confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions on the reverse of the form.
    • When your move is underway, it is recommended that small children and pets be kept safely away from the areas where the movers are working.
    • For an efficient move, one person in charge of the household is readily available to answer questions from the project manager.
    • When your move is finished the invoice is presented to you. You are asked to sign again, this time to confirm that the services described on the invoice were rendered in a satisfactory manner, and to confirm that you received all goods in good order unless noted, and lastly to confirm the time and charges are correct.
    • Payment in full is due at the end of your move.
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