Sorting Services

Clutter gets in the way and wears on us emotionally. 

Items go missing, never to be found again.  Closets and drawers fill up with clothes not worn in years.  The garage gets so full the car won’t fit inside.

Familiar comments we hear:

"We don’t know where to begin.  We both work and the house is in chaos.  I get upset just thinking about it.  I know if we got help organizing we would love our home again."

Lambert’s brings the bins and boxes and the helping hands.  You get encouragement and support throughout the process, and a home worth living in again.

Show your home looking its best!

Before you put your home on the market, you want it looking its best.  Your realtor will tell you to remove all the clutter and tidy it up inside and out.

Familiar comments we hear:

"That junk pile in the back yard keeps on growing.  Nobody will want to put in an offer on our home.  All they’ll see is the rubbish."

"Mom just moved into assisted living.  I used my vacation time to get her nicely settled in her new place.  Today I’m flying home.  I don’t know how I’m going to get her home ready for selling when I live 2000 miles away."

Perhaps you are too busy or the physical side is too much. Getting your home ready for selling presents a huge challenge to some people.

The crew at Lambert’s sorts, organizes and removes the rubbish for you.  Your home is transformed and ready to impress!

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