PackingLambert’s Moving integrates packing into the move process to make it easy for you.  We schedule your packing day and arrive with all the materials to do the job.  If we have used boxes available we are happy to offer them to you to help reduce your costs.

Our packers are experienced and efficient. In short order your possessions are boxed up and ready for moving.

The Top Five Reasons to Use Professional Packers

  1. Proficiency – Professional packers bring the packing supplies, get the job done quickly, and use the correct materials.
  2. Worry-free Moving – Boxes packed by professionals are insured.  Boxes packed by client are not.
  3. Save Money – Professional packers use the right boxes for the job and pack without bulging.  Clients save money on moving with correctly packed boxes.
  4. Minimize Breakage – Professional packers use special techniques to pack fragile and awkward-sized items.
  5. Live Normally – Your home is not disrupted weeks before moving by boxes collecting in rooms and hallways.  Live a normal life until the packers arrive the day before your move.

What People are saying about Lambert’s Packing Services

"I was too busy at work to take time off for packing. Lambert’s did it all so quickly and professionally, I’ll never pack again!"

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