Moving with Storage Containers

Moving with a storage container is convenient when you are relocating and do not have possession of your new home. The storage containers are held in safe storage until you are ready for them. Storage containers are delivered to your door and you or a mover can load them on your schedule. The use of storage containers avoids the expense and inconvenience of moving items into a storage locker and then having to move them out again. The reduction in handling reduces the risk of damage.

Filling the Storage Containers – Professional Movers vs. Do-It-Yourself

  • Movers know how to load storage containers. They pack them tightly, thereby reducing the number and/or size of containers you need and reducing shift of contents that can result in breakage.
  • Professional movers take the load off your shoulders and allow you to focus on the important details of your move.

Packing Services

  • You tag items ahead of time and packers arrive with all the necessary packing supplies and pack all your possessions.
  • Experienced movers pack boxes to maximize the box usage. This results in fewer boxes overall and a savings in the number/size of storage containers you need.
  • Well packed boxes have no air pockets. This reduces the chance of shift and breakage during transit.
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